About Me


 In December of 2010, I graduated from the Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, California and left with a BFA in Traditional Character Animation. 

   Shortly after graduation, I got my first job in the mobile games industry. The studio that hired me was small, but this left me with many great opportunities to roll up my sleeves and try new things. While there, I did character design, prop design, UI design, Character and FX animation, visual development, and even acted as art lead and designer on several projects.

   I have done contract and freelance work for a number of employers ranging from character design, game asset creation, and product design, and my clients list feature both local and international companies.

    I have also worked in the animation industry, most recently for Fox ADHD as a character designer for their show "High School USA!".

   Currently, I live with my boyfriend and cat in Orange County and work as a 2D artist and UI/UX artist at Magic Pixel Games in Los Angeles, CA.

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